Saturday, 17 September 2016

Lee Jong Suk's Hospital Bed Dates

Sooooo W ended this week. It started off as absolutely amazing category 1 material, but it dropped a bit during broadcast to a category 2. Not saying that it was bad, I still enjoyed it! Just got a little confused at times. I was wondering if I would end up not crying during this drama (which is uncommon because I'm a crybaby when it comes to things like this) but the final episode pushed me to tears.

Anyway I just thought it would be amusing to talk about how Lee Jong Suk really enjoys ending his dramas with his female lead on a hospital bed hahaha. Yes my fellow kdrama fans, remember I Hear Your Voice? 

It's even funnier when you realise that both female leads fainted after thinking that he died, only to be surprised by LJS at the bedside. Cue emotional reunion and gentle caressing.

Here's a photo of him spending time at another hospital bed in Pinocchio ... different circumstances but hey why not :P

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