Saturday, 16 January 2016

Unboxing - Sassy Go Go OST

Yay another Eunji drama! Thanks for getting me this Vanessa ^^ I was super excited to get this album cause - Lee Won Geun and Eunji obviously - but also to find out if Eunji is the singer of my favourite Sassy Go Go instrumental - 7. Hold On There. It turns out that the singer is someone called Jang Mi Young (correct me if wrong)! Hope this clarifies everything :)

I'm really sorry about the poor focussing in this video - I've only recently started recording videos and it turns out the camera was on the wrong mode the whole time :/ I also really need to stop breathing into the camera microphone don't I?! I also don't know why my videos keep glitching once they go up on youtube - hopefully it won't happen again!

Monday, 11 January 2016

Unboxing - Reply 1997 OST

Finally got around to buying the Reply 1997 OST! This was one of my earliest kdramas, so I guess I didn't realise how unique it was until quite a while later after I'd watched many more. I make quite a few comments about Reply 1988 in this video cause it's airing now hahaha! 

My one didn't come with the stickers and coupons that I've seen come with other people's albums :( I guess they were only a feature of albums bought soon after the release.

BTW 'Reply 1988 is not disappointing at all' is an understatement - it's awesome! I would recommend it! Enjoy :)

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Unboxing - Queen In-Hyun's Man OST

Here's another unboxing video for you guys! I recently bought the Queen In-Hyun's Man OST. I was super excited to open this one because I hadn't found any other unboxing video for it, and apart from a couple of fan photos I had no idea what was inside!

I really liked how they included the talisman and their autographs, and how they also included the contents of Kim Boong Do's letter at the end of the drama. It's really a tear jerker :')