Friday, 8 July 2016

Gotta Love Pinocchio

I'm watching Pinocchio again, this time with my mum and dubbed in Cantonese.

Oh my gosh I feel like I'm falling for it for a second time. I'm only halfway through but once again I'm blown away by how meticulously and ingeniously crafted the whole series is ... every little scene forms a crucial part of the bigger picture and a seemingly trivial scene can carry a profound message. Not to mention the insightful yet heart-wrenching voiceovers ... I've honestly learnt so much from Pinocchio. I consciously find myself referring back to the series when I encounter something questionable in the media.

Anyway I know I sound over the top but I'm currently in the feels zone. Seriously, if you haven't watched Pinocchio, you should give it a go. Gonna call it my all-time favourite kdrama at the moment, and that's a big label. 

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