Friday, 24 April 2015

Message from Me

Hello everyone!

I thought I should write something before we reach the 2 month anniversary of my last post. Yes 2 months ... I'm really sorry for being so inactive :(

When I started this blog I intended all my posts to be relatively well planned out, so that I don't end up word vomiting (happens a lot to people who talk a lot like me). But I guess it isn't working out cause I ended up not making any posts. So I plan to write more spontaneously, for example random thoughts after watching a drama episode. Don't worry, I'll always make sure there aren't any spoilers on the home page haha!

I've also added a little 'Upcoming Posts' section to the blog description ... I just use it to remind myself of posts that I intend to write soon. Be warned that posts might just disappear from that list if I realise I can't remember what happened well enough to write a post or if I decide to divert my attention to something else ...

Thanks for reading this entire post! Here's to a new beginning on this blog :D

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