Friday, 27 February 2015

Let's Have A Moment - Hyun Bin's Elevator Scenes

Hyun Bin and elevators ... what comes to mind? Perhaps the claustrophobic Kim Joo Won in Secret Garden? I was reminded of Secret Garden too at some point in Hyun Bin's latest drama Hyde, Jekyll and Me. I'm only going to mention a scene from episode 16 of Secret Garden and episode 1 of Hyde, Jekyll and Me ... word of warning to avoid spoiling it for anyone :P

Sometime last year I finally got around to watching Secret Garden after a friend who doesn't usually like dramas recommended it to me. It was good ... I think I marathoned it in 2 or 3 days! One of my favourite parts of the drama is when Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) finds himself trapped in an elevator. I can't even count the number of times I've rewatched that part. You can watch it here, it's just a couple of minutes at the beginning of episode 16 :)

Secret Garden Episode 16


Wasn't that intense?! I loved it. Maybe it's cause I've noticed an affinity for situations where the male/female lead gets saved from danger by the other lead ... I hope this isn't a sadistic side coming out of me! Nonetheless Hyun Bin's superb acting definitely brought this scene to life. Look at his face turning red, eyes popping out of his head and veins bulging out of his neck! Wow it looked so realistic.

I'd basically forgotten about that scene until I saw Hyun Bin gasping for air in an elevator yet again ... this time in 2015. It starts soon after the 49:00 mark.

Hyde, Jekyll and Me Episode 1

Despite his discomfort being less pronounced this time around, Hyun Bin has aced the elevator scene yet again! I felt a strong sense of deja vu when I came across this HJM scene for the first time, and it was only a while later that I realised it was because of the Secret Garden connection.

I always wondered how tiring it would be to film this type of scene, since it seems like they're forcing their body to actually go through what their character is experiencing. Today, in an effort to relieve my Hyde, Jekyll and Me cravings, I was watching BTS videos and came across Hyun Bin struggling while filming the elevator scene :'( The exact bit I'm referring to is not long after the 1:10 mark.

Hyde, Jekyll and Me BTS

Watching that BTS really made me appreciate how much effort actors and actresses put into creating the best drama they can for us ... so much of what happens doesn't get aired!!

Anyway I hope this post hasn't been too pointless ... I just had two scenes I liked and there was something in common between them ... I guess this turned out to be a tribute to Hyun Bin's ill fate with elevators! Hahahaha :P

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