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Top 10 OSTs (as of October 2015)

Yes, another top 10 OST post! As you guys have probably figured out by now, most of the music I listen to are kdrama OSTs :P I obviously go through OST phases so none of the top 10 here were part of my previous top 10 post earlier this year. This isn't to say that I don't like those OSTs anymore, but just that the below 10 resonate with me more immediately when trying to come up with a list of my current favourite OSTs.

Last time I didn't use any MVs and deliberately embedded videos with only the album art or similar ... I think it was because a lot of official OST MVs have external sounds in place of some verses and I wanted to make sure you guys could appreciate the song in its entirety. But this time I've included official MVs where available, cause I think it's only right to acknowledge the people who release the song ... and also cause this time none of the official MVs have too much external sounds going on hahaha.

Okay enough of me talking and onto the OSTs! :D

10. G.NA - Don't Cry (Scholar Who Walks The Night)

Here's a Scholar Who Walks the Night OST to kickstart this list! The Night Scholar OSTs are really beautiful, having made their way into my shortlist of favourite OST albums. See me fangirling over the OSTs here! I think a large part of it is the unique charm that accompanies historical drama OSTs, considering it was Gu Family Book which dominated my previous list. The simple vocals and instrumentals just work together really well and make this OST really relaxing to listen to.

9. Ben - Stay (Oh My Ghost)

I actually had quite a hard time deciding whether this song would make it onto this list. On one hand the chorus is so delicate and beautiful that you're tempted to hold your breath and just listen ... whereas on the other hand the beginning verses are just a little too slow for me. I guess you can see that the chorus won me over :P

8. Loco & Yoo Joo - Spring Is Gone By Chance (Girl Who Sees Smells)

This song is just really catchy! Especially the female part ... I found myself singing to it all the time!

7. Ali - Hurt (Rooftop Prince)

As much as I liked Rooftop Prince, this was the only OST that stood out for me. I've actually noticed that a lot of my category 1 dramas have mediocre OSTs :/ Anyway this song really brings out the sad emotions and memories of this drama. I once showed my mum a really well put together fan MV to this song and my mum questioned why I was listening to such sad songs ... so it isn't just me! The people who've watched the drama will know what I'm talking about, but I associate this song much more strongly to the Joseon story rather than the modern story.

See my Rooftop Prince review here! Don't worry I clearly mark where spoilers start (I'm a super no-spoilers-please person).

6. Beast - Without You (Scholar Who Walks The Night)

Would you guys believe me if I say that this is the first Beast song I've properly listened to? Well it is haha, I never really followed them despite listening to kpop. This song first drew my attention when it played at the end of episode 16: 

*spoilers start* Mr Evil Vampire is strangling poor Yang Sun, who struggles to breathe. Suddenly a whoosh - the camera pans and it turns out Mr Good Vampire has arrived to save the day. Cue OST! Mr Evil Vampire turns around to make eye contact with Mr Good Vampire and subsequently casts Yang Sun aside - someone much more important has appeared. Episode ends with Mr Evil Vampire looking really happy to see Mr Good Vampire, who looks like he's ready to bite. *spoilers end*

In short, this song screams Gwi and Sung Yeol bromance to me. Pretty sure it's because of that precise scene. There's this bit a little after 2:09 where it seems like they're saying Gwi and I keep imagining that they're singing about getting rid of Gwi but I checked up the lyrics and .... no hahaha.

5. Eun Ga Eun - Sad Wind (Scholar Who Walks The Night)

Yes another Night Scholar OST! This was actually the first OST from this drama that I fell in love with. It's got the really strong 'historical vibe' which I mentioned before (sorry about my lack of proper terminology haha), and Eun Ga Eun's voice complements it so well. I only recently found out that Oh Joon Sung actually composed the entire Night Scholar AND City Hunter OST ... yes two of my favourite OST albums! I know he's all over the music scene but I used to just recognise him as the City Hunter The Score composer ... but didn't realise he composed the non-instrumental tracks as well! The official Night Scholar MVs I've linked to are actually from Oh Joon Sung's youtube channel ... here's some love from a fellow fan 

I actually posted about Sad Wind just as it got released, check it out here!

4. Kim Bo Kyung - Suddenly (City Hunter)

What a perfect transition to City Hunter! No seriously it wasn't planned. This OST was used really well in the drama ... if I remember correctly it was used quite frequently at the end of each episode as well as during the show. I could sing along to it just from hearing it in the drama! Aside from that Kim Bo Kyung's unique voice really plays a huge role in making this song as amazing as it is. Love it!

3. Michael Learns To Rock - Eternal Love (Healer)

I think I've just dropped into feels land. To be completely honest if I had to judge this song on its own it would rank quite averagely. BUT once again this OST was used really well in the drama, and listening to it gives me really strong Healer feels. So overall, high satisfaction after listening to this song means high ranking! ;D

And to those of you who haven't watched it, I strongly recommend Healer. That is all.

2. M.C THE MAX - Because Of You (Girl Who Sees Smells)

I find this OST really beautiful and heart wrenching :') Just like Eternal Love, it drops me into feels land every single time I listen to it - the only difference is that the feels would still be there if I hadn't watched the drama. I absolutely love the way the vocalist has conveyed this song, it's chest-thump-worthy!

1. Yang Hwa Jin - It's Alright (City Hunter)

And finally the number one! This song is captivating from the first few seconds ... there's just so much energy and you can't help but jam to it! I get so caught up in the song it ends before I realise it. It also really reminds me of Lee Min Ho's badass scenes in City Hunter :P

Hope you've enjoyed listening to my top 10! Let me know what you think of these OSTs and if I've missed any of your favourites! I'm considering doing a top 10 instrumental OST post, but it might be more difficult since there are so many and I pay much more attention to the non-instrumental OSTs. I'll see how things go - let me know if you'd like a top instrumental OST post! Until next time ~

edit: urgh this is really bugging me but I started this post in September so the working post title was always "Top 10 OSTs (as of September 2015)" but I forgot to change it before I posted ... I realised a couple of minutes later but even when I change the post title the permalink still says September >< sigh ...

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